Welcome to our Shtetl Project page.

Shtetl’s were small Jewish town’s or Village’s in eastern Europe. (This project does not include Cities).

The Jewish Genealogy Surname Project (JGSP) has been created to build the largest Jewish Family Finder Database on Facebook consisting of Surnames, Given Names, Towns/Shtetls/Villages and Countries our ancestors lived in plus DNA information for those that have tested. Since most of us have exhausted all records available, we are trying to connect via Surnames /Towns/Shtetls/Villages/Cities and/or DNA.

We are in the process of building a 2nd database consisting of Shtels, Towns & Villages with Surnames. These Shetls, Towns, Villages and Surnames are being extracted from the Jewish Genealogy Surname Project Database which has over 12,000 surname’s listed. Each Shtetl, Town or Village its being linked to Jewishgen.org’s Town Finder.  Each Country its being broken down into Uyezd (District) and Gubernia (Province).

A special THANK YOU Karen Margulies Rakow & Greg Grant for their wonderful help and support.

These pages are password protected. To learn more, please contact us at:  https://jewishgenealogysurnameproject.com/contact/

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