Jacob Yacov/Yehuda Mendelsohn was born in July of 1955. His Montreal Naturalization papers state he came from Falticeni, Province of Moldova, Romania.

According to his gravestone, his father’s name was Fishel.

Jacob arrived in Montreal on July 1st, 1905. He sailed from Liverpool, England on the ship Southwark. He arrived with Fannie, Paul, Rosa, Sarah, Harry, Esther, Sam, Annette, Bella & Philip under the name of WEISSBERG/WEINBERG.

Jacob was a Butcher.


1905 – Jacob mendelsohn’s Ship Manifest Index:






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1916_Jacob Mendelsohn Naturalization Papers Complete


1927 Jacob Mendelsohn:Harry Burwasser Property Purchase

1928 Detroit Border Crossing Jacob Mendelsohn

1934 Detroit Border 1 Fanny Mendelsohn

1942 Baron de Hirsch Cemetery Record


1942_jacob mendelsohn-grave location