Welcome to the Mendelsohn’s!

I found the ship manifests for Bessie & Mary first. They arrived together in Montreal on December 21st, 1903. I could not find the other’s for quite awhile.

While interviewing living descendants of my ancestors, it was mentionedĀ our Surname might have beenĀ either Weinberg or Weissberg, not Mendelsohn. Back to the ship manifests and the rest were there under Weinberg & Weissberg. They arrived in Montreal on July 1st, 1905.

However, My Grandfather Paul Mendelsohn’s birth record from 1886 states he was born a Mendelsohn. My father, Felix Mendelsohn, believes they bought papers, changed their name, and left Austria because Paul Mendelsohn was becoming eligible for the draft.

The Montreal 1911 Census lists them all as Mendelsohn once again.