Welcome to the Jewish Genealogy Surname Project’s Family Finder Database from our Facebook group. The columns can be sorted by any column of your choice. Please click HERE for instructions.
The database is color coded and organized by Towns & Countries depending on the border changes during the years. All Countries are in PurpleThe Towns are either in Red or Hot Pink or Green.
The Towns in Red have links to Jewishgen’s Town Finder where you will find a map that shows where the town is located.
The Towns in Hot Pink have links to usually Google Maps & Wikipedia. These towns/villages are not listed on JewishGen at the moment.
The Towns in Green are not towns. They are either links from Jewishgen’s Town Finder, Google Maps, etc. to the States of the USA or  States outside the USA, Cities, Municipalities, Settlements  &/or regions in any country.
The letters A, B, C, D, E, G & H are completed. The other letter’s will be finished over time. If you see your town in Black under the letters A, B, C, D, E, G & H, this means we could not find your town listed on Jewishgen or through a Google search. May I suggest asking for help in: Tracing the Tribe-Jewish Genealogy on Facebook

This database is protected. Please enter the password to view the database links.